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Webcam (Glomp doesn't work on Rin D'8) (Rin wuz here)

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The Scrap Stamp by Busiris

Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed- PhotoShop Stamp - by LilChuI Love my Intuos 4 Stamp by rlhcreations

Dr Horrible Stamp by TwilightProwler:Jack Bauer Fan Stamp by Dinogaby.Danny Phantom Stamp. by White-WolfenLuna Winking Stamp by ViperDash-GFXPower to the Bauer by Dinogabydigital-artists stamp by CookiemagiKfirebender stamp by steamworkStamp for Hey Arnold by kitty-the-katGravity Falls Stamp by FedoraBowSupernatural by kicsiannaCheesePie Stamp #2 by DemonKaizokuCheesePie Stamp by DemonKaizokuStamp: Evolution by 8manderz8Batman Stamp by strawberry-hunter

FAQ (coming soon)

What Programs and tools do you use?
Paint Tool SAI, PS CS2 and GraphicsGale, My tablet is a Wacom Intuos 4.

Do you take requests, trades or collabs?
Only with good friends.

Can I ask about your personal life?
No, I keep that stuff off the internet.

Have you and Rin ever met in RL?

This person has a character/style similar to yours.
I honestly don't care about similar characters or style's, mine are generic anyway.

Will you send me your plush patterns?
No, but I have a helpful journal on how to make your own plushies and how I got started

I like your art, can we be friends?
I don't make friends by being asked, if you want to be my friend, try to chat with me a bit and prove that you want to be my friend for more then just because you like my art.

Do you have a Youtube?
Yes,… but its not that active.

Who has been your inspiration for drawing?
Hmm.. not sure mostly cartoons I loved drawing Scooby Doo when I was younger, as well as Catdog, I didn't have the internet when I was younger, so all I had what was the TV. I don't really think I had one specific inspirational person that got me into drawing or kept me going, I just kinda did it fun and it grew from there.

When did you start drawing?
Really young, ever since I could hold a pencil/crayon I guess?

Why is your sona a Fox?

Well I feel a wolf defiantly doesn't fit me, they're so strong and bold, travel in packs and can be a little ruthless.

I'm little quite, shy, and cowardly . I also have a interest in ghost and mythology, foxes are normally linked to ghosts so that's pretty cool :3
(lived in a haunted house);p

How did you settle on your current sona?

This History of Ash FoxHow Ash came to be, well she has went through many changes, ever since I found out about fursonas I tried to make one that I could stick to, But since I was still trying to find my self in RL, nothing really stuck.
the first ones I remember is My orange stitch like sona  
  Then me and my friends went through a phase where we wanted to be known by a color XD I got green so my sona then changed to green  
    Since I was a big fan of Danny phantom, the green form I think was her ghost form, and the brown was her normal  its been so long i'm not 100% sure X'D 
After my phase with Stitch ended my love for Pokemon came back and I got a pokemon sona, even joined a pokemon team lol.   
and with the blue Pikachu sona came a blue a wolf/fox sona 
But it still

Will you do plush commissions in the future?

Yes, but only if your fabric is available, it has to be the special kind I use, I will not use the cheap stuff and I will not hand dye any fur.

I also won't take on really complex designs, you can ether tone it down a little, or have someone else make the plushie.

Fabric currently known of available:

Black, white, Cream, Golden Yellow, Bronze, Honey Bear, Orange, Christmas Red, Pink , Hot Pink, Lavender, Deep Magenta, medium silver and grey.

you can note me for a quota if your interested.

To DO list

:icontoby-wolfkat: Morning, Noon, and Night~~~

Ash Sewing by VengefulSpirits
Sewing Emote by Mirz123:star:Stuffed Animals :star:

Theras Plushie Pokemon Progress bar Done (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101Thera Plush by VengefulSpirits

Braixen plushie Pokemon Progress bar In progress 3-4 (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101

Cat Pattern Pokemon Progress bar In progress 2-4 (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101 (I need to work on the body pattern after I figure out the canine)

Big Cat cub pattern Pokemon Progress bar In progress 1-4 (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101

Arcanine Pokemon Progress bar On The Hold (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101 (everything is ready, just waiting to prefect the canine standing pattern)

New Canine standing pattern Pokemon Progress bar In progress 4-4 (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101 (still has some kinks to be worked out, but almost ready)

My little pony pattern Pokemon Progress bar In progress 2-4 (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101

Laying down pattern Pokemon Progress bar In progress 4-4 (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101

Venge or Umbreon Pokemon Progress bar Patience (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101

Dragon or Griffin Pokemon Progress bar On The Hold (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101

Thylacine Pokemon Progress bar Done (Female) by TintjeMadelintje101The elusive thylacine playing in a chair by VengefulSpirits

Solved, THANKS

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 10, 2014, 5:47 PM

so going with what i have read i have finally made up my mind and i thank you
all for the input it has really helped me in my decision making and hopefully for the best!

cheers til next time ;D

wolfkat out

this is :icontoby-wolfkat: my old dear minions :B and i am in need of a little advice/help

so i'm looking to purchase a gaming mouse
aaanndd i'm kind of confused on what i'm lookng for
i've done some research on the brand i want to get

but the only thing i'm confused about and what will make my ultimate decision on which one i get is the DPI and i need to understand how it works and effects your gaming

one of them has max of 2000 DPI the other the max of 5700 DPI
i've been told to go with the higher DPI and i know they do make a difference but is the price worth the difference?
i mostly play FPS and i have a pretty shaky hand and i want to know how that will take into effect on which i decide to finally get

also take into account i'm on a budget the higher one is $20 more
i'm a casual/hobbyist gamer and play for maybe max 2 - 3 hours at a time and i am not the best gamer ever xD

this does not mean i will not get the more expensive one but if anything makes a difference that you believe i don't have to spend the extra money for whatever reason then by all means tell me lol

thanks ahead of time


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My idols and ppl I envy XD (And Finally Rin Wuz here)



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