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Submitted on
January 22, 2012


4 (who?)

Normal Chibi commissions (closed)

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2012, 8:40 AM

4 normal chibi commissions are Open

:points:I'm not taking points this time sorry. :points:


1.) All commissions will be noted or Emailed to you. Note; Not every commission will be submitted to my gallery, some will end up in a batch submission though.

2.) you can submit your commission to your own gallery, just give credit to me.

3.) you get 2 free looks at your commission WIP, anymore after that will cost 1$ (that should be enough anyway)

4.) You can Pay the Full commission price, or pay Half till you see the WIP then pay the other half.

5.) I do accept points every now and then, but they're priced higher then the cash price. sense I don't need Points.

6.) I have a right to refuse a commission if your character has too many accessories or really complicated design.  you can tone it down, or pay more depending on difficulty.

7.) I need a visual reference, I wont except refs in just written form.   

8.) Please, include what kind of Background, pose, or any extra info you want, in the commission note.  

9.) I don't do anthros or humans right now.

10.) When you send the Note title it as "Commission info"

11.) Pay pal only for money payments

12.) Now interested in webkinz plushes; Signature Fox,Signature Arctic Fox, Endangered Red Wolf, Signature Timber Wolf.



1.):iconrheas: (one character ) :star-half:

2.):iconizzyhime: (one character)

3.) :icondaffupanda: (2 canimated Characters)

4.) :iconviralremix: (one animated character) :star:

NonAnimated Chibis (feel free to browse my gallery and find a style you prefer it to be done in)

Additional character: +$12 (Additional character must be in the same submission)
Now who is the Sleep Head by VengefulSpirits
Cut a Bitch by VengefulSpiritsstyle test. by VengefulSpiritsShaymin Ashy by VengefulSpiritsWinter Ash by VengefulSpiritsAll the Chibi commissions by VengefulSpiritsMango by VengefulSpiritssneak by VengefulSpiritsGrumpy by VengefulSpiritsSad Sully 8C by VengefulSpirits
Commission for flixdragoness by VengefulSpiritsX--O commission by VengefulSpiritsDid you order the by VengefulSpiritsPrize for xxPurexInnocencexx by VengefulSpiritsEevie-chu Commission by VengefulSpiritsHappy Birthday Kit by VengefulSpirits

Additional background:
:bulletyellow:Simple: +$3-$7

Detailed: +$10-20

Random jumping pose by VengefulSpiritsfrozen by VengefulSpiritsPink Clouds by VengefulSpiritsNoelle by VengefulSpiritsAttract by VengefulSpirits
Mask by VengefulSpirits

If you want one animated it will be a extra $5-15 depending on difficulty (aka Journal dolls)

Chibi Fox by VengefulSpirits DarkuAngel Animated Chibi by VengefulSpiritsheliossa Commission by VengefulSpiritsCommission for akrine by VengefulSpirits

If your interested please Note me, and include your characters ref.

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I think :iconsilvaze9871: stole your icon
MallowThief Jan 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aww, I missed out </3 :< I'll keep an eye out for next time!
YenaYena Jan 22, 2012
Oof. I have two signature Webkinz Red Foxs...I just searched how much they were to purchase online. Dear god why? D:< I bought mine at a book store for $13.00. ;__;
VengefulSpirits Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know.. and the wolf.. is 200$ online.. o__o
YenaYena Jan 22, 2012
That's really ridiculous....Dx Especially from the Webkinz dolls...If I find another at the bookstore here I'll send it to you. C: I'll look for the wolf as well.
Last time I went their I think they had the Husky signature you want that one as well?
VengefulSpirits Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
these are the ones I'm looking for

Signature Fox,Signature Arctic Fox, Endangered Red Wolf, Signature Timber Wolf.
VengefulSpirits Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes D8

I'll gladly buy them off you, and pay shipping.
YenaYena Jan 22, 2012
LOL. I'll look for them. They're closed today, but I'll look tomorrow and tell you what I saw. C: And if they didn't have any of the one's you wanted I'll just keep checking - I go their often. You live in the US right?
VengefulSpirits Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes, I live in the US lol. thanks so much X3
Deviant-Light Jan 22, 2012
You missed No.4 in the rules.

I'd say good luck, but it doesn't look like you need it. I'll probably commission someday. xD;
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