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Submitted on
November 16, 2011


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Team Tryouts for Pokemon Comic (FAQ now added)

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 16, 2011, 9:05 PM


Q. Is there any specific style to the comic you guys want? sketched or complete?
A. We dont expect you to draw in a specific style. Comic page must be complete and colored.

Q. Can we use any generation of pokemon?
A. Yes. I see there's been some confusion when we said '2nd generation clone'. '2nd generation' simply meant that that was the 2nd batch of clones team rocket made, not the generation of pokemon we expect you to use ^^;

Q. Wait, so we cant use evolved pokemon?
A. You can used evolved pokemon. Just keep in mind your pokemon cannot evolve in the comic, it is stuck in the form it is 'born' in. example: If you had a wartortle clone, it can never become a blastoise.

Q. Does the comic/ref have to be done digitally?
A. No, we dont demand the media you use be digital. You are free to make a tradtional comic/ref.

Q. Can we use shiny pokemon?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I use -insert pokemon here-?
A. I think we made it pretty clear...You can use any pokemon that is NOT Legendary, Growlithe, or Raichu/Pikachu. Please dont ask this.

Q. Can we make more than one page?
A. Yes, you are free to make more then one page, however, we are only judging ONE PAGE, we'll look at the other pages that go along with it, but it does NOT increase your chances of getting accepted.

Q. Do the pokemon talk to humans?
A. No.

Q. Do they all have to have the same collar, the one with the R and red spikes?
A. Only the Perfect clones have a rocket collar, and yes, they all wear the same collar. If your pokemon lacks a neck, you can put the collar elsewhere on its body (like around the ear or waist etc.). REJECT CLONES SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY ROCKET-AFFILIATED CLOTHING.

Q. Pokemon Moves?
A. We dont expect you to have the moves selected, but feel free to include them.

Q. Hey Ash/Autumn I finnished my ref! Look it over and correct it please :D
A. Do you seriously think we have nothing better to do then read over your entire pokemons story and correct it for you? We've got enough on our plate so please dont expect us to correct your work :\ This is extremely annoying that notes like this are filling up our inbox, you should beable to do this all on your own. And like we said a million times, THE COMIC PAGE IS WHAT MATTERS, NOT THE CHARACTER. Your information on your character could be inaccurate in the comic, we dont care, we just want to see your comic making abilities most, we can correct the information later if you get accepted but AGAIN, THE. COMIC. PAGE. IS. WHAT. MATTERS.


Alrighty guys so if you havent noticed, me and my partner :icontattletail:are planning to start back up a pokemon comic team.

We heard some really good ideas and thank you all for pitching them! We now have a good idea for how our story's going to work out. The only problem is, we cant accept everyone as a lovely member as awesome as that would be :c So we're going to have Team Tryouts!

Here's basically what you needa know, the story revolves around Pokemon Clone experiments. The main characters are '2nd generation' clones, created after a bunch of 'reject' clones. The 2nd generation clones are the ultimate weapon, they have supressed emotions, they work like machines, and are far more capable of doing evil than unreliable Rocket Grunts. Team Rocket has decided to approach things differently, why rely worthless grunts to steal pokemon when you can just use enhanced clone pokemon to do the job without fail! They obey without question, they steal with precision, and are virtually unstoppable and undestructable!

You can try out for a spot as a 2nd generation clone!

Then there's the 'rejected' clones, the test dummys. These original clones turned out to be a failure. They're a bunch of mutated pokemon who are now being hunted down by Team Rocket to be 'recycled'. Unlike the perfect clones, these guys have unlocked their emotions and are capable of compassion and feelings. They try desperately to survive and fight against Team Rocket.

You can try out for a spot as a Reject clone!

Backstory: (insert our backstory stuff here)

Now that we got the basics covered lets get down to buisness!

For our comic, we're hoping to get around 3-4 perfect clones and 4-5 reject clones, we havent decided completely the amount yet. To get a spot, you have to not only demonstrate artistic skills but we're also looking for people who have a good sense of storytelling ability! There are plenty of amazing artist out there but when they draw a comic page it makes no sense because it isnt worded right or the story has holes in it or the panels are just extremely hard to fallow. We want to make sure you're capable of laying out a comic page and can clearly express a problem or event that is happening in tha page.

To try out, you must create a referance sheet of your character that includes development of this character! We want it to have as much information on them as possible to understand their personality and weaknesses and strengths to their team. We want a backstory that works well and will fallow the storyline. Example: Your pokemon should not have a backstory involving a trainer because they are a CLONE and were created in a laboratory. However, they can have memmories of the pokemon they were cloned from of that pokemon's trainer. Please pay attention to detail! And PLEASE try to avoid cliches or god-moding.


Name: (their 'nickname' they go by rather than thier number)
Experiment #: no. 000 (ex. 034, 343, 001...does not necesarilly reflect what experiment number it is, its just an identification number in the team rocket files)
Personality: (describe thier personality, avoid single words. Tell about their fears or quirks or how they behave)
Backstory: (keep in mind they are clones if you write a backstory.)
Strengths: (things they are good at.)
Weaknesses: (things they are bad at or their physical/emotional flaws)
Other: (other information you would like to include)
(Perfect or Reject Clone) <--please include wether or not this character is for the perfect or reject role

Things you CANNOT DO with your pokemon:
1. Recolor or edit the pokemon species. We want our comic to feel like it exists in the actual pokemon world, so please only slightly change their colors, do not make any huge changes. We dont want a purple pikachu with angel wings. We want a slightly differently looking pokemon to indicate that they are a clone and not a naturally born pokemon. (however for the 'rejects' since they're supposed to be 'mutated' you can change the pokemon to make it appear mutated. just please dont go TO far.)
2. Create a pokemon with a story that doesnt make sense with the given information. If you have questions, ask, and Autumn or Ash will answer them
3. Create a completely flawless all poweful pokemon
4. Use legendary pokemon
5. Use Pikachu or Raichu ^^' they've been taken already
6. Give your pokemon peircings. o.O; it just seems odd
7. Please, no Growlith's they're police Pokemon.

Things you CAN Do with your pokemon:
1. Slightly change the colors and markings of the pokemon species you are using
2. Give them accessories such as goggles, collar, gloves, etc.
3. Give them scars (you might wanna tell us how they got them in the backstory)

KEEP IN MIND THESE POKEMON CANNOT EVOLVE They are stuck in the form they are born in.

And now the 2nd half to the tryouts is creating a comic page. This comic page will help us know your skills at laying out comic pages and will also let us see how creative you are at presenting it! We want creative artists who are capable of pulling off a task we give them! Here are the guidelines to creating your comic page for your tryout:

Perfect Clones: Show us your pokemon's reaction to stealing a trainer's pokemon, are they proud of what they did, or are they questioning it? Maybe they're not as evil as they thought they were or maybe this is just the thing to give them an overpowering sense of 'joy'

Reject Clones: Show us a story of how your pokemon came to their senses and realized the truth behind Team Rocket using them for evil. Team Rocket controls their pokemon using a collar, does your pokemons collar glitch? or did their will power become strong enough to break past it? or what?

Feel free to work off this and change it to something else, we would like to see some creativity so dont feel this is exactly how your page should be!

To Submit your entry:
Send both your referance sheet and comic page to either :iconvengefulspirits: or :icontattletail: via note or comment on our journals with this information posted on it, please if you see one journal is more full then the other go to the other one, either way both Ash and Autumn will be looking at your work so make it easier on us to help even it out!

Deadline: Deadline to turn this all in will be December 8th, there is a possibilty the date will be extended if we feel it is needed

Good luck and remember, this is for fun ^^ so have fun while you're doing it and get those creative juices flowing! DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!

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thewhitewolf-mii Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry it took so long!

ref: [link]

Comic sample: [link]

and here is connor if you need him. i changed the comment to be for rocket. i also included a sketch to show what he would look like insane.

i cant wait to read the comic :3
katxicon Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
Got mine in at the last minute |D

Ref: [link]

Comic: [link]
Eevie-chu Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Professional General Artist
All done!

Reference sheet: [link]

Comic sample page: [link]
Hippous Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
So the deadline is today...would it be acceptable to put mine in before the end of the day today??
0okamiseishin Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think they extended it again till tomorrow ^^;
Hippous Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh! Cool! Thank you very much! :)
0okamiseishin Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no prob ^^
Hippous Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Your entry is AMAZING, by the way! I wish you the best of luck! <3
0okamiseishin Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks =D I really like your Character~ His eyes are neat and the murky water thing is cool x3
Hippous Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome, and thank you very much!! <333
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